• Pattrick Johnson

    "I really love the new air cooler, i am going to use in my desk playing league of legends hahahah"

  • Mary petterson

    "In love with these! I just bought 2 weeks ago and it´s fantastic, definitely recommend!"

  • Petter Garfield

    "I don´t know how but in 4 days it came! The best thing ever!"

  • Does the product cause mold?

    Our appliance has a built-in humidity control system that monitors and adjusts humidity levels in the room to keep them in a healthy range, preventing the creation of conditions that could lead to mold growth.

  • Do you deliver worldwide?

    We offer worldwide delivery service, ensuring that our product reaches you, wherever you are. Our team works with the best international carriers to ensure fast and safe delivery, providing you with a smooth and reliable shopping experience. No matter your location, we are ready to bring our products to your door.

  • How many days does it take to arrive?

    We offer a fast delivery service, ensuring your product reaches you in around 5-6 working days. We work with efficient carriers to ensure agile processing and shipping, providing a safe and delay-free shopping experience.